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Hello, It is good to see that more articles are comming on a daily basis. But we need to put them in aproper directory.

If we create them in a root directory some admin may come by put a {{Delete}} tag onto it thinking that it is a lost page. This is becasue the root directory is common to all wikimedia incubator projects.

Please create all articles in the respective subdirectories as explained in this article:

If you have created any article by clicking on a link you can move it by clicking on the move tab (on the top of the page) and moving it to the respective subdirectory.

In case you are afraid , or have already created your article and you are unsure as to how to move it or cant find it. DON'T PANIC!

  • On the top right side of the page , you will find a "my contributions" link(that is if you have signed in). If the article was created when you were signed in , you will find the article in the list of your contributions.Add a link to that article in the "Move This" column below.
  • If you cannot find it at all. Maybe you were not signed in at the time you created it, go to the column "Cant find" below . Add the name of the article(at least try to remember it correctly)(in the script you had created it). Someone else will search for it and try to recover it.
  • If you created articles properly but have trouble adding a link to the article in the welcome page just list it in the "add to welcome page"



  • probable name of article
  • probable name of article
  • probable name of article

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