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Welcome to the Levantine Arabic Wikipedia or Wikipedia Shami. This page is written in English to give an introduction on this Wikipedia to non-Shami speakers.‎

This is a project to create an encyclopedia in Shami, or Levantine Arabic, the language spoken by millions in the Levant: in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, and southern Turkey (historically in Adana, Mersin and Hatay only).‎

If you are interested contributing to this incubator project, you may also consider joining our Discord Server.‎

Frequently asked questions

How are we going to deal with variations between Levantine dialects?‎

How we handle variations within Levantine Arabic is ultimately a decision for the Levantine Arabic Wikipedia community. Currently, clear communication across dialects is the priority. One potential approach is for each subject to be written in the subdialect it most closely aligns with. If there's no clear subdialect fit, the dialect used would be the one chosen by the article's creator. However, this is just one option, and the community will have the opportunity to discuss and decide on the best approach in detail.‎

How can I help?‎

You can help by

  • Finding more potential contributors
  • Proofreading, improving, and completing the most-needed interface translations (complete guide)
  • Improving the current pages (translate more sections and improve the grammar and style)
  • Improving the MoS
  • Writing more pages

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