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দয়া করে "তারিখ" টেমপ্লেটে তারিখ প্রধান করুন।

Template:Wn/bn/ {Template:Aviation Two hijackers seized an Afriqiyah Airways jet this morning, diverting it away from its domestic Libyan route to Malta. The men surrendered to Maltese custody.

The aircraft involved, from file.Template:Wn/bn/Image credit

Flight 209, an Airbus A320, was flying from Sabha to Tripoli. Men identified as Suhaha Mussa and Ahmed Alid, armed with what appeared to be a grenade and two pistols, took control of the aircraft. The airline said a proposal to land in Libya was rejected by the hijackers, who took the plane to nearby Malta owing to fuel limits. After landing, the plane's engines were not shut off for around ninety minutes.