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  • Abeten aye abetia pen.

Meaning: The tall, ugly old palm tree was once young and beautiful.

  • Abe ho mmere, wonni bi nkyi bi.

Meaning: All kinds of mushrooms which grow on the same palm tree are edible.

  • Abe ware den ara a esi onyaa adukuro mu.

Meaning: A palm never surpasses athe silk tree in height.

  • Dua koro gye mframa a ebu.

Meaning: A lonely tree can hardly brave a storm.

  • Dua koro nnye kwae.

Meaning: A single tree does not constitute a forest.

  • Kwae wo akyi a wohu se ebo mu, woben ho a na wohu se dua biara si ne sibea.

Meaning: Trees in a forest look like they are together, but when you are close by it, it is different.