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  • Abosomaketew se: nantew ntem ye asem, akyirika nso ye asem.

Meaning: The chameleon says: moving too quickly or too slowly is no guarantee against inevitable.

  • Obi akonode ne odompo nsono.

Meaning: Someone's meat is another one's poison.

  • Aboa nhohow fam bese hoa, onntew nwe, ono nso a ontew nto fam nanso se nipa retew a na orekeka no.

Meaning: The red tree ants on the colanut tree neither pluck nor eat the fruits but they prevent others from climbing the tree.

  • Obi nton nakoko bere kwa.

Meaning: No one sells his hen for no apperent reason.

  • Oguanten se oresee ne wura ban ho nso na ne dua ho na oresee no.

Meaning: The sheep who thinks it is defecating to spoil someone's house, does so to spoil its own tail.

  • Akoko beatan nan tia ba na enkum ba.

Meaning: Parent's chastisement is for the good of the child, not to spoil him.