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一條完整嘅辭條,起碼要包括發音、寫法同含義,麻煩閣下注意下。多謝合作。【粵語文學大使殘陽孤侠粵維辭典起錨! 00:01, 25 June 2014 (UTC)Reply




重有,詞條同字條嘅格式係有區別嘅,麻煩留意下。【粵語文學大使殘陽孤侠粵維辭典起錨! 18:17, 19 August 2015 (UTC)Reply




咁簡單嘅道理你都唔明,睇來你根本未夠班做管理員。我會向上頭反映,要求暫停你嘅管理員權限,等你槷高個枕頭諗清楚先。【粵語文學大使殘陽孤侠粵維辭典起錨! 14:50, 9 September 2015 (UTC)Reply

我唔知有呢個規定啊。--WKDx417 (talk) 22:56, 9 September 2015 (UTC)Reply

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Hi, the policy on I:A says that it's a requirement for test-administrators to have a user page on the Incubator. I'm afraid that this was overlooked when you requested test-adminship. Could you be so kind to create one now? Best regards --MF-W {a, b} 00:43, 6 February 2016 (UTC)Reply

Of course. I haven't created my user page because I'm so busy in Cantonese Wikipedia for creating pages. I will create one just now. --WKDx417 (talk) 02:59, 6 February 2016 (UTC)Reply



Hello WKDx417, why deleted this page?

死亡遊戲 is different from 死亡的遊戲 16:09, 16 April 2016 (UTC)Reply

I have deleted for this topic because this decision have adopted in Cantonese Wikipedia (For more details, please see also this link.). If you have got any problems, please go to that page and start a new topic to talk it clearly (However, You have to understand and talk it with Cantonese). We DON'T recover this topic if you have no evidence (including fake permission) for this toplc. --WKDx417 (talk) 07:40, 19 April 2016 (UTC)Reply

I don't understand:

  • zh-yue:死亡的遊戲 : 05:53, 14 April 2016 WKDx417 (talk | contribs) deleted page Wq/zh-yue/死亡的遊戲 (Invalid ISO 639 code: 1. 同《死亡遊戲》係同一部電影 2. ISO 639-1有錯 3. 唔屬維基文庫啲料,唔理佢係咪有價值嘅文章都冇得留低。)

But 死亡遊戲 is different from 死亡的遊戲

I don't understand:


I don't understand: My friend YOU (no wikipedia cantonese) deleted this page

@ Hydriz: Help me please!

[http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x48rrc_bruce-lee-a-warrior-s-journey-3-4_people in this video]

You're my good brother, I let you go up first! Good luck! Stay smart. (my translation)

Ok! Thank you! (my translation)

[http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x48rr1_bruce-lee-a-warrior-s-journey-4-4_people in this video] 

His big advantage is that he gives no thought to life or death. And with no distracting thoughts, he is therefore free to concentrate on fighting against the attack from outside. (from the English subtitles)

With his great size, he is going to find it difficult to keep getting up each time I knock him down. (from the English subtitles)

Look at him. Give him the fatigue bombing! (from the English subtitles)

I'm so tired. No, no! Hai Tien, he must be much more tired than you. Calm down your soul. (from the English subtitles)
This isn't 死亡遊戲
But [[q:en:Game of Death|死亡遊戲]] is different from [[q:en:The Game of Death|死亡的遊戲]].
Different from? That was the same movie why you told not? CUT THE CRAP. All of the dialogs for above have already existed in 死亡遊戲 this movie. It just clearly shown that same movie it is. (PS: I have watched for these movies. But there are the differences naming in Chinese.) You substitution have deleted in Chinese wikipedia again at long before (Please see here).--WKDx417 (talk) 03:21, 20 April 2016 (UTC)Reply