SignWriting Text


SignWriting Text uses ASCII strings to support the full grammar of written sign language. The strings are documented in draft-slevinski-signwriting-text and Modern SignWriting theory and example.



Copy & Paste


Copy and paste is encouraged for SignWriting Text. The most consistent way to select text is to click above a sign, hold the mouse button in, drag below the sign(s), and release the mouse button. This action will select the sign(s), although the screen may not indicate that the text is selected. A right click on the selected signs will provide an option to copy the text.

Firefox and some other browsers allow for a double click on a sign to automatically select the desired sign. A subsequent right click will provide an option to copy the sign's text.

For the SignWriting Gadget on Incubator, the highlight is not always accurate and may incorrectly set the highlight status of a sign. Outside of Incubator, there is an early highlight prototype that manually sets the select status of a sign based on the value of the real selected text.

SignWriting Gadget


MF-W {a, b} created a gadget for the SignWriting script: (MediaWiki:Gadget-Signwriting.js). The Gadget originally imported User:Slevinski/signwriting_viewer.js.

Danny B. removed the import due to security concerns and copied the code to the global space.

See User:Yair rand/signwriting viewer.js as the source of the rewrite and expansion.

SignWriting on Wikimedia Labs


A SignWriting Icon Server is currently hosted on Wikimedia Labs as part of a larger SignWriting project. The SignWriting Icon Server provides graphic support and API searching for SignWriting Text within the SignPuddle Online user generated corpus.

The custom MediaWiki installation for the ASL Wikipedia Project will be decommissioned after the transfer to Incubator has been completed. Once decommissioned, all of the ASL Wikipedia Project links will redirect to Incubator.

SignWriting Editors


The general editors will become part of the SignWriting Icon Server. SignWriting editors will be available on Incubator in the future. Lack of editors is the major barrier to widespread adoption of written sign language. Once available, sign language projects can begin in earnest on Incubator. Until then, copy and paste is required.