See mw:User:SPQRobin.

Export & import


What about improving Special:Export & Special:Import as GSoC project.

What i wanna do in particular for export:

  • regex for pages to export (bug 3760), or at least "pages starting with ..."
  • replace occurences of X with Y in the to-export-pages

What i wanna do in particular for import:

Language support



  • Language name cache (there is currently a performance issue when using xyz a lot of times)
  • Default list of (English) languages

If time permits

  • Intuitive language picker: instead of a list sorted by langcode, a inputbox with suggestions (easy, but it needs to be good)
  • Ability to specify a per-page language: a per-revision language passed to getPageLanguage, either core or extension. With a language selector in the edit page to change it.