I was born and bought up in Bombay ( Mumbai ) On my first visit as a child found Goa the land of our ancestors fascinating. With people around speaking our mother tongue, Konkani, felt more at home. Over the years the love and affection grew for Goa and the language.

Hence working towards the promotion of our Mother tongue which brings us all together and makes us unique

It is now almost 7 years since the work began on Konkani Wikipedia. It is still struggling to go online, where it will be accessible to all Konkani speaking people world wide. Knowledge is Power. Lets us come together and share the knowledge we have for the betterment of our Konkani speaking community worldwide. For now and ever !

Many of us cannot spend more time on the net and would like to Post material in Konkani which will be useful for the community. In such case you are welcome to forward the material to my email address. For the love of Konkani I shall be happy to post them.

You may also inform our Konkani speaking Community in Mangalore. They also have a rich collection of literature in Konkani. Script is no issue. There is a software which does an excellent job of transliterating from one script to another, be it Romi, Devanagari or Kannada.

Any person willing to translate small paragraphs from English to Konkani, kindly let me know. I shall email the articles one by one.

“Every drop makes the ocean”

Let us keep the Konkani language alive worldwide

Dev Borem Korum

Hello MR Rosario Fernandes i got a message from WMf that that you are using many scripts of konkani in one article only.as our wikipedia is approved and they are continously keeping a eye on our work. it would be nice if you write a article in one script only .as it not correct to use many scripts in one article so they asked me to changed it.

Thank you