This analysis of the Min Dong Wikisource request and test project was updated 27 October 2007, and may be increasingly inaccurate after that date. These statistics are compiled by Pathoschild for use in committee decisions, but don't necessarily reflect committee judgments.

Request edit

Criteria for approval edit

The following criteria for final approval must be met before the wiki can be created. Criteria that are crossed out with a black box have been satisfied.

  • Initial criteria
    check that the project does not already exist (see list).
    obtain an ISO 639 code (cdo).
    ensure the requested language is sufficiently unique that it could not exist on a more general wiki.
    ensure that there are a sufficient number of native speakers of that language to merit an edition in that language.
  • Final criteria
    develop an active test project.
    complete MediaWiki interface in that language (list, about localization).
    final approval.

Test project edit

This test project is located at oldwikisource:Main Page:Min Dong.

List of pages edit

  1. oldwikisource:Category:Fuzhou dialect
  2. oldwikisource:Main Page:Min Dong
  3. oldwikisource:Séng-gĭng

Analysis edit

These statistics show 2 articles. Over the last month, there have been 0 edits. This project is currently inactive.