Idea: We scrap m:RNL pages which are just full of nonsensical votes. A new kind of pages are used instead. (Or the info pages? (forced info pages for Wv/Ws on Incubator!!)).

They list the following stuff:

Step 1: Eligibility

  • A switch automatically sorts all info pages which belong to languages which already have a Wikipedia into a Category. Langcom members check this category occasionally and set unproblematic cases to eligible / start a discussion in Langcom if a case is nevertheless doubtful (very rare). Similar to current practice on m:RNL pages.
  • For new languages, there is also a category and a button which allows to send a standard mail to Langcom (one sentence) in order to request a check of eligibility. <- ???. Langcom thinks about it. Considered requests are listed on an extra page on Meta and stay open for at least one month, regardless of how obvious the request is. Users can comment to bring up problems (i.e. no comments "  Support this is glorious language") on some page.

Step 2: Approval


Links to MediaWiki localisation and test-wiki activity.

Users can write on the page (?) if they think the criteria are fulfilled. If a Langcom member see it and agrees, he proposes it to Langcom (or: sua sponte). Langcom decides, as usual.

Step 2a: Verification


When MW l10n criteria are fulfilled and Langcom considers the test-wiki activity to be sufficient, it verifies the content (if needed).

The result is noted on the page. In case of a negative result, ???

Step 2b: More approval


If the verification was positive / If no verification is needed,
Langcom announces the intent to approve the wiki on the page (& on m:Talk:Langcom for everyone to see and bring up last-minute problems not known so far).

After 1 week without objections from the community (previously 4 days w/o obj. from the Board), proceed with step 4. [NB: this became the real policy meanwhile]

Step 4: Creation of the wiki


Langcom puts the template for the settings currently used on RNL pages on the page. The community will advantageously already have discussed what to fill in there, otherwise it does so now.

After that is done, a Langcom member files the bug requesting creation.