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      Description:Shukllachishka kichwa (Kichwa Unificado (es) / Unified kichwa (en)) is a set of spelling and grammar rules that applies to all the regiolects of the quechua macrolanguage spoken in Ecuador.
      Comments:The Unified kichwa is a normalized grammar and spelling that intends to cover all the variants of quechua spoken in Ecuador. It is normalized by Governmental institutions (e.g. National direction of the bilingual education - DINEIB), and by ALKI (Academia de la lengua kichwa). The kichwa language is co-official in Ecuador (Spanish is the official language, kichwa and Shuar are official languages "for intercultural communication" according to Art. 2 of the current Constitution of Ecuador). An official Unified Kichwa translation of the Constitution of Ecuador is published on the website of the Parliament of Ecuador ( Therefore, there is a system of bilingual education in all the kichwa-speaking areas of the country, where the Unified Kichwa is taught.
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      of the language (book or article): Two main publications describe the language :
- a spanish-kichwa diccionary (
- an extensive Grammar book that describe the rules of the language (
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       Test wiki for Wikipedia at Wikimedia Incubator:
       Code at is qu-ec, used for spellchecker: