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This template is intended to be used within station and line infoboxes, diagrams, navboxes and tables to show a small color box and a link to the associated line or service name. Its use should be avoided within body text.

Parameter Description
system or 1 An identifier to specify which system's color and line article name convention should be used; either Module:Adjacent stations/system or Template:system color must exist, e.g. Template:BJS color or Module:Adjacent stations/Taipei Metro
line or 2 The line or service to be linked
inline or 3 An optional parameter to create a colorbox and link suitable for use inline with other text
Valid arguments are yes, small, link, box, route, xroute and croute
type This adds " – type" to the end, where type is the parameter value (which may be changed by a module subpage), and also passes the value to the data template or module. Typically a service or branch of the line
note An optional note with more information, added at the end

For systems where multiple colors are used to designate different lines, the appropriate color will be selected based on the combination of the system and line parameters. The same is done for systems where types/services have their own colors.

The template can be abbreviated as

ERROR: This page is using an unprefixed version of template {{Tl}}

Use {{Wy/sk/Tl}} instead and replace all occurences of {{Tl}} in Wy/sk/ prefixed pages by that.
You may like to check 7 templates in Category:Wy/sk/Templates using unprefixed template Tl first to remove all occurences from those templates which will fix the pages containing those templates too.

{{rcb}}. All examples use this abbreviated form.


{{Wy/sk/rcb|system=Amtrak|line=Southwest Chief}} and {{Wy/sk/rcb|Amtrak|Southwest Chief}} produce Template:Wy/

{{Wy/sk/rcb|SEPTA|Wilmington/Newark|note=(rush hour service only)}} produces Template:Wy/

The optional parameter Template:Wy/sk/para (or the third unnamed parameter) allows different display options for inline text.

yes Template:Wy/ Template:Wy/ inline color box with link
small Template:Wy/ Template:Wy/ smaller color box with link
dot Template:Wy/ Template:Wy/ small circle with link
square Template:Wy/ Template:Wy/ small square with link
link Template:Wy/ Template:Wy/ linked box
ldot Template:Wy/ Template:Wy/ linked circle
lsquare Template:Wy/ Template:Wy/ linked square
box Template:Wy/ Template:Wy/ box with link omitted
route Template:Wy/ Template:Wy/ box with background color
croute Template:Wy/ Template:Wy/ box with background color and border radius
xroute Template:Wy/ Template:Wy/ box with colored text and border radius

Some options, such as setting the text color, border color, and the short name for the latter three, require the use of a module subpage. Each line can have its own values, as can each type. The table keys for line and type tables are the same: "border color", "text color" and "short name". Note that the "background color" key is not used by this template.

System abbreviationsEdit

Lists of available systems are at Category:Rail transport color templates and Special:PrefixIndex/Module:Adjacent stations/.

Abbreviation System
AMT Agence métropolitaine de transport
BART Bay Area Rapid Transit
CTA Chicago Transit Authority
DART Dallas Area Rapid Transit
HBLR Hudson–Bergen Light Rail
KAT Kenosha Transit
LACMTA Los Angeles County Metro Rail
LIRR Long Island Rail Road
MARTA Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
MBTA MBTA Commuter Rail
METROMN Metro (Minnesota)
MNRR Metro-North Railroad
MUNI Muni Metro
NJT NJ Transit
NMRX New Mexico Rail Runner Express
NYCRR New York Central Railroad
PATCO Port Authority Transit Corporation
PATH Port Authority Trans-Hudson
PLR Pittsburgh Light Rail
RIRTR Rochester Subway
RTD Denver Regional Transportation District
SCAX Metrolink (California)
SCVTA Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority light rail
SEPTA Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
SFRTA Tri-Rail
STLLR Sound Transit Link light rail
SNDX Sounder commuter rail
STML St Louis MetroLink
TMTC MAX Light Rail
VMR Valley Metro Rail
VREX Virginia Railway Express
WMATA Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority


Template:Color box templates


Template:TemplateData header

Template which generates colored boxes to indicate rail lines, optionally with a link to the line's article.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

System1 system

no description

Line2 line

no description

Inline display type3 inline

no description

Type (branch/service)type

no description


no description