Template:Wp/syl/Country data Byzantine Empire


ꠄꠇꠝꠣꠙꠞ ꠛꠦꠠꠣꠁꠘ

ꠌꠣꠁꠞꠛꠣꠏꠥꠞ ꠘꠣꠝꠙꠖꠝꠣꠘꠤ
alias Byzantine Empire Main article name (Wp/syl/Byzantine Empire)
shortname alias Wp/syl/Byzantine Empire (optional) Display name to be used for the wikilink, if alias is a disambiguated article name, for example
flag alias undefined! ꠍꠛꠤꠞ ꠘꠣꠝ (File:Byzantine imperial flag, 14th century.svg, shown on right)

ꠛꠣꠞꠅ ꠎꠣꠔꠤ ꠙꠔꠣꠇꠣꠁꠘ

ꠟꠦꠛꠦꠟꠙꠔꠣꠇꠣꠞ ꠍꠛꠤ (40px)ꠍꠛꠤꠞ ꠘꠣꠝ
1776[[File:|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1776}}}
1777[[File:|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1777}}}
1777-Ross[[File:|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1777-Ross}}}
1795[[File:|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1795}}}
1818[[File:|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1818}}}
1819[[File:|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1819}}}
1820[[File:|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1820}}}
1822[[File:|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1822}}}
1836[[File:|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1836}}}
1837[[File:|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1837}}}
1845[[File:{{{flag alias-1845}}}|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1845}}}
1846[[File:{{{flag alias-1846}}}|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1846}}}
1847[[File:{{{flag alias-1847}}}|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1847}}}
1848[[File:{{{flag alias-1848}}}|40px|border]]{{{Wp/syl/flag alias-1848}}}

ꠀꠞꠘꠣꠝꠖꠤ ꠙꠤꠞꠔ ꠙꠣꠑꠣꠘꠤ

This template can also be used via an alias name (implemented as a redirect to this template):

ꠀꠞ꠆ꠎꠣꠔ ꠘꠣꠝ{{Wp/syl/Flag|alias}} ꠛꠣꠞꠅꠀꠔꠣ{{Wp/syl/Flagcountry|alias}} ꠛꠣꠞꠅꠀꠔꠣ
USA (view) USATemplate:Wp/syl/country data USA
US (view) USTemplate:Wp/syl/country data US
United States of America (view)Template:Wp/syl/Country data United States of AmericaTemplate:Wp/syl/country data United States of America
U.S. ([[[:Template:Wp/syl/fullurl:Template:wp/syl/Country data U.S.]] view])Template:Wp/syl/Country data U.S.Template:Wp/syl/country data U.S.

See What links here for a full list of redirects.

ꠃꠖꠣꠞꠘ꠆ꠖꠤ ꠛꠦꠛꠀꠞ

| size = | name = Byzantine Empire }}

  • {{Wp/syl/flagicon|Byzantine Empire}}Byzantine Empire

| size = | name = }}

ꠄꠇꠎꠣꠔ ꠙꠔꠣꠇꠣ ꠛꠦꠛꠀꠞ ꠇꠞꠤ

ꠄꠇꠎꠣꠔ ꠙꠔꠣꠇꠣꠞ ꠘꠣꠝ ꠛꠦꠛꠀꠞ ꠇꠞꠤ

ꠛꠣꠘ꠆ꠗꠣꠁꠟꠞ ꠔꠁꠔ꠆ꠔ

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ꠁ ꠐꠦꠝ꠆ꠙꠟꠦꠐ ꠡꠞꠣꠡꠞꠤ ꠛꠦꠛꠀꠞ ꠇꠞꠣꠞ ꠟꠣꠉꠤ ꠘꠣꠄ ⁕ ꠁꠈꠣꠘ ꠀꠙꠞ꠆ꠇꠦ ꠙꠔꠣꠇꠣꠞ ꠛꠣꠘ꠆ꠗꠣꠁꠟꠔꠣꠔ (ꠐꠦꠝ꠆ꠙꠟꠦꠐ) ꠛꠦꠛꠀꠞ ꠅꠄ ꠎꠦꠝꠟꠣ <code>Template:Flag and Template:Flagicon</code> ⁕ ꠖꠦꠈꠂꠘ <code>Category:Flag template system</code> ꠢꠇꠟ ꠐꠦꠝ꠆ꠙꠟꠦꠐꠣꠁꠘ꠆ꠔꠞ ꠟꠤꠡ꠆ꠐꠤꠞ ꠟꠣꠉꠤ ꠀꠞ <code>Wikipedia:WikiProject Flag Template</code> ꠀꠞ꠆ꠔꠣꠞ ꠟꠣꠉꠤ ⁕

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ꠔꠁꠔ꠆ꠔ ꠪ ꠁꠈꠣꠘ ꠟꠦꠈꠤꠀ ꠔꠀꠞ ꠙꠣꠔꠣ

| size = | name = }}