See Wikinews:Style guide for more information on citing your sources.


 |url        = 
 |title      = 
 |author     = 
 |pub        = 
 |date       = 
 |archiveurl = 
 |url        = https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-58223231
 |title      = Afghanistan conflict: Taliban push into Kabul as Ghani flees
 |author     =
 |pub        = BBC News Online
 |date       = August 15, 2021
 |archiveurl = https://web.archive.org/web/20210815165730/https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-58223231

This will display as follows:

  • If you cannot find the author of a source, leave that field blank. Do not use 'staff reporter' or similar. List syndicate in the author field. Wikilink people and syndicates in this field when there's a target, local or non-local.
  • Put in a (second level) section labeled Sources (==Sources==).
  • Format date as shown above.
  • Always try to cite multiple independent sources.
  • Articles that don't provide a URL are listed at Category:Articles with broken source templates.
  • Category:Citation templates lists templates for offline news sources.
  • For unsupported URL schemas (like mms:) use brokenURL=true.
  • For publications (the 'pub=' or 'publisher=' parameter) please specify the exact same name under which the publication appears on Wikipedia.
  • On those rare occasions when publication name should differ from publication link target, use additional parameter 'pubtarget='. You can also use this to specify a target project other than English Wikipedia.
  • For an unavailable source (brokenURL=true) of an archived article, you may provide information about archival copies of the source using 'archiveurl=' and 'archivedescription='.
  • For an author field in ALL CAPS, that cannot be remediated by means such as described [[Template:Source/ucauthor/doc#Avoiding this template|under subtemplate Template:(*source/ucauthorTemplate:*)]], and necessarily should be in ALL CAPS for reasons idiosyncratic to this particular citation rather than a general exception better addressed by {{Wn/si/source/ucauthor}}, specify the precise acceptable value for the field as a 'cased author=' parameter.
  • For a non-English source, use the 'lang=' parameter, naming the language or its language code as supported by Category:Language templates or corresponding language-code redirects.
  • For a video, use medium=video. Also available, medium=audio (but as of this writing, not used anywhere), medium=pdf, medium=word.
  • For a source also available as a file on Wikimedia Commons, use the 'commons=' parameter, naming the file (without the File: prefix).
you should always cite more than one source. Do not list multiple publications with the same wire report; instead try to list the originating location.

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