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{{Wb/lad/Tlx|template|first parameter|second|third|fourth|etc}} becomes →
{{Wb/lad/Template|first parameter|second|third|fourth|etc}}

Purpose and naming: Mnemonically 'Template list expanded'... named after {{Wb/lad/Tl}} 'Template list'


{{Wb/lad/Tlx|template name}}
{{Wb/lad/Tlx|template name|param}}
{{Wb/lad/Tlx|template name|param=value}}
{{Wb/lad/Tlx|template name|param=value}}
  • This template takes a template-name and an optional number of associated parameters (or 'pass parameters'), and aggregates them into an 'example demonstration' of how the template might be used. It's primary use is in instruction and documentation such as this passage.
  • Additionally, tlx can be used to demonstrate templates on other sister projects.


Markup Displays Remarks
{{Wb/lad/tlx|tlx}} {{Wb/lad/tlx}}  
{{Wb/lad/tlx|w:tlx}} {{tlx}} Interwiki template example
{{Wb/lad/tlx|subst:tlx}} {{subst:tlx}} Template substitution example
{{Wb/lad/tlx|tlx| |two}} {{Wb/lad/tlx| |two}} Empty parameter example
{{Wb/lad/tlx|tlx|example=true}} {{Wb/lad/tlx|example=true}} Named parameter example
{{Wb/lad/tlx|tlx|2=1}} {{Wb/lad/tlx|1}} Parameter shown without number parameter name
{{Wb/lad/tlx|tlx|2=1}} {{Wb/lad/tlx|2=1}} Use = to display number parameter names
{{Wb/lad/tlx|tlx|2{{=}}1}} {{Wb/lad/tlx|2=1}} {{=}} also works
{{Wb/lad/tlx|tlx|2<nowiki>=</nowiki>1}} {{Wb/lad/tlx|2=1}} sticky nowiki also works
{{Wb/lad/tlx|tlx|2=one|two}} {{Wb/lad/tlx|two}} two clobbers 2=one
{{Wb/lad/tlx|tlx|3=two|2=one}} {{Wb/lad/tlx|one|two}} right to left okay