• {{Translations}} for just pages with only one subpage level.
  • {{Translations|base pagename}} for pages with more subpage levels.
Version checking
  • The default |version= parameters:
    • |version=2.0 for the English default page, or an updated translation;
    • |version=1.0 for an (outdated) translated page.
  • The |rev= (revision) parameter can be used instead (for translations only): |rev=369195 for the revision of the English page on which the translated page is based, with an automatic link to view the difference with the current English page (if no difference, the translation is up-to-date).
This way you can see immediately if the translation is outdated or up-to-date.
Showing all supported language codes
You can use the |all= parameter with a non-empty value to generate the complete list of supported languages, without removing the red links for missing pages. This can be useful to check the list of redirected links or create translated page using the correct language code. For example:
  • {{Translations|Category:(-ALL-)|all=1}} for all possible pages with the same base page name (without testing their existence)
Languages In other languages
Without it (or if this parameter is kept empty), the list is filtered and becomes:
  • {{Translations|Category:(-ALL-)}}
Non-English source page
You may add the |defaultlang= parameter (and after that the language name which you want the template to show as source), if the source page is not English. In this case, the English translation goes to a /en subpage. (Our example has an English source, so this is just for show.)
  • {{Translations|Category:(-ALL-)|defaultlang=Deutsch}}
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