Usage edit

{{delete|Reason it should be deleted}} ~~~~
or {{delete|reason=Reason it should be deleted}} ~~~~

This template is used to request that a page be deleted without further discussion according to the criteria for speedy deletion.

  • Please include the reason!
  • Please do not blank out the rest of the page. Just add this template to the top.
  • Please remember to include your signature (~~~~).

This will place the article in Category:Maintenance:Delete.

Options edit

If you disagree with this deletion request, please add |wait=yes and then add a reason using |wreason=[reason] ~~~~, remembering the signature.

Suggest that a page be speedily deleted.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

reasonreason 1

no description


Set to "yes" if you disagree with the speedy deletion request.

reason to waitwreason

Explain why do you disagree with speedy deletion and add a signature.