Template:Different code


There are several templates available to use on the root page (W?/code) of a test when the test (or Wikimedia project) exists, but the language code being used on is different:

  • {{Different code/subdomain}}: Use this template when a full Wikimedia project with subdomain already exists. For example, if there were a root page at "Wp/eng", you would use this template. While "eng" is a valid ISO 639-3 code for English, Wikimedia projects use the valid ISO 639-1 code "en" instead. So you would use this template to point people from Wp/eng to the existing project, which is en.wikipedia.org (i.e., English Wikipedia).
  • {{Different code/test}}: Use this template when the root page should be redirected to a different, existing test within Incubator. This template is intended to be used on a redirect page, just below the actual redirect markup.