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<translate> Wikimedia Foundation</translate>

<translate> Welcome to Wikimedia Incubator!</translate>

<translate> This is the [[<tvar name=1>Special:MyLanguage/I:About</tvar>|Wikimedia Incubator]], where potential Wikimedia project wikis in new-language versions of [[<tvar name=wp>m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia</tvar>|Wikipedia]], [[<tvar name=wb>m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikibooks</tvar>|Wikibooks]], [[<tvar name=wn>m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikinews</tvar>|Wikinews]], [[<tvar name=wq>:m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikiquote</tvar>|Wikiquote]], [[<tvar name=wikt>:m:Special:MyLanguage/Wiktionary</tvar>|Wiktionary]] and [[<tvar name=voy>:m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikivoyage</tvar>|Wikivoyage]] can be arranged, written, tested and proven worthy of being hosted by the [[<tvar name=wmf>:m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation</tvar>|Wikimedia Foundation]].

Although test wikis in the Wikimedia Incubator do not get their own wiki domains, they can be read and edited just like any other Wikimedia project wiki.

New language versions of Wikiversity should go to Beta Wikiversity, and those of Wikisource to Multilingual Wikisource.

You cannot start an entirely new project here. You may only start a new-language version of an existing project. If you want to start a new project, go to meta:proposals for new projects, or see Wikispore if you want to create a test. </translate>

<translate> Incubating wikis</translate>

<translate> Here are some active wikis:</translate>

These have been approved and/or created:   These are active and might get their own site soon:





  These will likely stay here:
<translate> For a full list of wikis on Wikimedia Incubator, see [[<tvar name=wikis>Special:MyLanguage/I:Wikis</tvar>|Incubator:Wikis]].</translate>

<translate> How to start a new test wiki</translate>

<translate> If you are here to start a new language edition of a project, you can find all information on [[<tvar name=manual>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Manual</tvar>|Help:Manual]]. Please be aware of the local [[<tvar name=policy>Special:MyLanguage/I:Policy</tvar>|policy]].

Some important rules:

  • You need a valid [[<tvar name=iso>I:ISO 639</tvar>|language code]] (explained in [[<tvar name=manual>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Manual</tvar>|the manual]]). If you don't, you can apply for one, or use the non-Wikimedia wiki Incubator Plus 2.0.
  • Starting a test wiki here doesn't mean it will later be automatically accepted by Wikimedia; you need it to be approved by the [[<tvar name=langcom>m:Special:MyLanguage/Language committee</tvar>|Language committee]] first. See Requests for new languages for more information.
  • Please respect the naming conventions for the test language, to help future migrations of pages to an actual wiki project. All of your test pages (including templates and categories) need to be named uniquely (by using a prefix) and consistently.


<translate> How to contribute to a test wiki on Incubator</translate>

<translate> If you have knowledge of a language which currently has a test wiki here, you are strongly encouraged to contribute to that test wiki.

Please give all pages you create a correct prefix. More information about prefixes. </translate>

ھنیگݔن پݔش‌آتک

<translate> Contact/Help:</translate>

<translate> Sister projects</translate>

<translate> The Wikimedia Foundation operates several other multilingual and free-content projects:</translate>

Wikipedia <translate> Wikipedia
The free encyclopedia</translate>
Wiktionary <translate> Wiktionary
Dictionary and thesaurus</translate>
Wikisource <translate> Wikisource
Free-content library</translate>
Wikiquote <translate> Wikiquote
Collection of quotations</translate>
Wikibooks <translate> Wikibooks
Free textbooks and manuals</translate>
Wikinews <translate> Wikinews
Free-content news</translate>
Wikiversity <translate> Wikiversity
Free learning materials and activities</translate>
Wikivoyage <translate> Wikivoyage
The free online travel guide</translate>
Wikispecies <translate> Wikispecies
Directory of species</translate>
Wikidata <translate> Wikidata
The free knowledge base</translate>
Wikimedia Commons <translate> Wikimedia Commons
Shared media repository</translate>
Meta-Wiki <translate> Meta-Wiki
Wikimedia project coordination</translate>

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