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Wikipedia:Orthography (Sylheti) edit

Purpose: To establish consistent spelling and writing conventions for articles on Sylheti Wikipedia.

1. Basic Orthography Guidelines edit

  • 1.1. Use the Sylheti script for writing in Sylheti Wikipedia. Transliteration to other scripts should be avoided, unless it serves a specific purpose.
  • 1.2. Follow standard Sylheti phonetics and pronunciation when choosing the spelling of words.
  • 1.3. Use diacritics as needed to accurately represent the phonetics of Sylheti words.

2. Loanwords and Transliteration edit

  • 2.1. When including loanwords from other languages, maintain the original spelling or provide an explanation for any alterations.
  • 2.2. If transliteration is necessary for proper nouns or phrases from other languages, follow established transliteration schemes for Sylheti.

3. Word Choice edit

  • 3.1. Prioritize using native Sylheti vocabulary and expressions over foreign terms when possible.

4. Consistency and Collaboration edit

  • 4.1. Collaborate with other editors to ensure consistency in spelling and orthographic choices.
  • 4.2. Avoid edit wars over orthography; instead, discuss and reach a consensus on any disputes.

5. Citations and Sources edit

  • 5.1. When using quotes or citations in a different script or orthography, ensure that they are clearly marked and provide a transliteration or translation for accessibility.

6. Exceptions edit

  • 6.1. Some topics or words may have varying accepted spellings or pronunciations. In such cases, provide context and explanations as needed.

7. Review and Amendments edit

  • 7.1. Periodically review and update this orthography rule to reflect any changes in the language or consensus within the Sylheti Wikipedia community.

This orthography rule is intended to serve as a guideline for Sylheti Wikipedia editors. It is subject to ongoing community discussion and may be revised as needed.