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List of Wikivoyage projects (Wy/***) open in the IncubatorEdit

Last updating of the page : 06/02/2020. Counting of page number of each project is automatic (use evently the purging button to refresh the displaying).

Project Code English name Number of articles Starting date Approval/Creation
Wikivoyage ady Adyghe 2
Wikivoyage ar Arabic 741
Wikivoyage as Assamese 1
Wikivoyage az Azerbaijani 84
Wikivoyage azb South Azerbaijani 238
Wikivoyage bcc Southern Balochi 1,062
Wikivoyage be Belarusian 72
Wikivoyage bg Bulgarian 53
Wikivoyage ca Catalan 8
Wikivoyage ckb Central Kurdish 5
Wikivoyage cs Czech 2
Wikivoyage da Danish 380
Wikivoyage diq Zazaki 1,529
Wikivoyage eo Esperanto 0
Wikivoyage eu Basque 28
Wikivoyage hu Hungarian 32
Wikivoyage hy Armenian 78
Wikivoyage id Indonesian 998
Wikivoyage ja Japanese 0
Wikivoyage jbo Lojban 2
Wikivoyage ka Georgian 188
Wikivoyage ko Korean‎ 167
Wikivoyage la Latin‎ 4
Wikivoyage lv Latvian 257
Wikivoyage lzh Literary Chinese 2
Wikivoyage ml Malayalam 177
Wikivoyage mn Mongolian 2
Wikivoyage mr Marathi‎ 12
Wikivoyage ms Malay 3
Wikivoyage ne Nepali 15
Wikivoyage pnt Pontic Greek 8
Wikivoyage ryu Okinawan 2
Wikivoyage sd Sindhi 8
Wikivoyage sk Slovak 5
Wikivoyage skr Saraiki 33
Wikivoyage sr Serbian 6
Wikivoyage ta Tamil 241
Wikivoyage te Telugu 2
Wikivoyage th Thai 225
Wikivoyage tr Turkish 0
Wikivoyage tt Tatar 89
Wikivoyage ur Urdu 242
Wikivoyage wuu Wu 31
Wikivoyage yue Cantonese 77
Wikivoyage zyj Youjiang Zhuang 1

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