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Vaguely inspired by n:Wikinews:Spread Wikinews, which is in turn vaguely inspired by Spread Firefox, this is a place to share and develop ideas for promoting the Wikimedia Incubator.

People should know we exist


I think it's a nice goal to get as much visitors as Wikispecies. It's also a relatively small multilingual project.

  • In July, our Main Page received 411 hits per day.
  • Wikispecies' Main Page received 2,807 hits per day! Not to mention they have more translated Main Pages than we have...

Our goal must be to get an equal level of page views... That is, however, still far away...

Another tool to know if people know us, is the number of AutoLogins comparing these two wikis. But I didn't find any stats on this (and didn't search yet, actually).

People's view on Incubator


I think that, besides that few people know Incubator, people think Incubator is just a test project for the time before the wiki is created. No; Incubator is a content project of normal projects which just not yet have their own wiki.

I, personally, think the whole langcom-process should move to here. This would however, probably never happen.

  • Put {{Incubator}} on Wikipedia articles about the languages.
  • Get Incubator on Main Pages of other wikis. The problem is that without Incubator there is a nice 3x3 table. With Incubator, they need a new row with just only Incubator in it...



I read news, see blog posts, read about wikimania presentations, etc. about for example the successful Commons. And we?

What has been done