Incubator:Future/multiple Incubators

This page is under construction.

Multiple Incubators idea:

Instead of (and betaWV and maybe oldWS which should be moved here)

  •,, ... or, meta.wikinews, ...

Each of them would serve as an incubator for new language versions, and optionally as a kind of Meta wiki for that specific project (like BetaWV also is more or less).

-- BELOW: copied from etherpad --

Advantages (Danny_B knows these better, he should complete this list :) + if this proposal fails, benefits might be migrated into the WikimediaIncubator extension [like the 2nd one])

  • Less prefix: /wiki/xxx:Page title instead of /wiki/Wx/xxx/Page title
  • Interwiki links would work (current system only works with Wikipedia)


  • More work to manage multiple wikis
  • linking to xxx:Page on BetaWV does not create a link to .../wiki/Xxx:Page but it turns into an interwiki (in the sidebar) no matter if the wiki exists or not -- so I'm not sure your system of separate incubators would work (or am I testing it wrong?) - using Xxx/Page (so still a prefix, but only one) will work - yes, but Danny_B's idea was to "use" the interwiki system to link to test wikis (which would turn into internal links when imported to real wiki)