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Di dieu anjeun bisa néang tutumbu ka émbaran jeung kaca pitulung lianna.

Émbaran utama

  • AMD (Anu Mindeng Ditanyakeun) – pitulung umum ngeunaan inkubator jeung cara gawéna.
  • Ngaropéa – tutumbu ka loka-loka anu eusina pitulung umum ngeunaan sopwér jeung cara ngaropéana.
  • Manual – émbaran jeung pasaratan ngeunaan ngamimitian wiki uji di Inkubator sarta naon waé anu kudu ditataharkeun.
  • Pangrojong basainformation and problem reporting for language support like fonts, typing, ...

Other information

  • Glossaryto look up any special expression you might come across here.
  • ISO 639lists of valid ISO 639 language codes.
  • Policythe current policy of Incubator.
  • Uploadhow to upload an image on Commons and use it here.


The main language is English, but if you are not comfortable in English, feel free to use another language.

Also if you have any technical problems for your language (such as a writing system lacking font or typing support), please contact us.