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nah-0 Inin tequitiuhqui ahmo quinehnehuilia in nahuatlahtolli (nozo molhui quitequiyomati).
nah-1 Inin tequitiuhqui cemi chihton quixmati in nahuatlahtolli.
nah-2 Inin tequitiuhqui quimamati tlahtoz ica in nahuatlahtolli.
nah-3 Inin tequitiuhqui cualli tlahtoa ica in nahuatlahtolli.
nah-4 Inin tequitiuhqui tlahtoa in nahuatl cahxa quen ce chaneh.
nah-5 Inin tequitiuhqui quipiya tetlamachilli tlaixihmachiliztli itech nahuatlahtolli.
nah-N Inin tequitiuhqui quipiya quen nantlahtolli in nahuatlahtolli.
Users by language

This category sorts users speaking Nāhuatl (Nāhuatl) by order of fluency: 1 = basic, 2 = intermediate, 3 = fluent, 4 = nearly native, 5 = professional, N = native.

No translated text (syntax: {{user language category|nah|2=translated description}}).

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